Guide to Women’s High Heels

The Ultimate Guide to Women’s High Heels

The majority of women love their heels so much that they would buy a pair they can barely walk in so that they can sit pretty in them. The good news is that when you do your homework well before going shopping, it is possible to strike a balance between style and comfort when shopping for High Heels. Below are the basics you need to know about the types of heels.
The pumps
These Brand House Direct High Heels are ideal for wearing to the office or other formal events. Pumps are usually closed, except a few peep toe designs, and they have a moderately high stiletto. Pumps will add a good two to three inches to your height but are not intended for long hours. The office environment, particularly when you sit for the larger part of your day is the ideal place to wear pumps.
Kitten heels
These resemble pumps, but the heel in them is less than two inches. You wear kitten heels when you need some extra height, but are also likely to be on your feet for an extended period. Kitten high heels strike a balance between looking formal and fashionable.
These are the tallest of the three types of heels. They normally have a heel that can reach up to 8 inches. These are more of the red carpet or sit pretty heels. They are not recommended to wear if you will be on your feet for extended periods of time. The newest generation of stilettos has a platform inside to minimize the effect that the heel would otherwise have on the foot of the wearer. Look for stiletto high heels with a platform and preferably a platform heel.
Ankle strap heels
These high heels are usually as high as the stilettos. They can be either closed or open or sandal-like, but they have that common denominator of a strap around the ankle. The strap makes the high heels more secure and comfortable to walk in,
Wedges come in two forms, the wedge high heels and wedge sandals. A wedge heel looks just like the standard pump with the only difference being the lack of separation between the heel and the rest of the shoes’ sole. The wedge sandal, on the other hand, has an open and shoe like upper with the sole being raised like the wedge heels.
Platform High Heels
These are more comfortable than the regular stilettos due to the part of the heel found under the inner sole being thicker than that of the stilettos. If you need the glamor and height of a high heel but will be on your feet for a while, go for the platform heel.
Other types of high heels include peep toes, high heeled boots, sling back heels, cork high heels and ankle booties. You should have at least one pair of each of the above heel types in your wardrobe as they pair differently with different skirt, dress and trouser lengths, cuts, and styles.

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