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Charles Jeffrey Debuts A Love For Psychedelic Fashion With Men’s Boots

Fledgling fashion designer Charles Jeffrey made an impression at the 2017 edition of London Fashion Week, when he sent his male models down the runway in his new creations. The models’ feet were the ficus of this particular runway show, because they were modeling Jeffrey’s psychedelic men’s boots.
This was the first time Charles Jeffrey presented his own solo runway show, so making a lasting impression was important and he succeeded in doing so with men’s boots that grabbed attention with chaotic splashes of color. The fashion designer mainly used blues, reds, and whites for the lace-up boots, showing a patriotic streak in his designs. Jeffrey’s boots also incorporated a generous helping of yellow/gold in the melding of colors, ensuring the men’s boots would become the center of attention, even amid the brightly colored striped socks, also worn by the London Fashion Week models.
For a more conservative look, Charles Jeffrey’s designs offered solid colors of red or blue on the same style of lace-up boots with vibrant white laces.
The collection of Mens Boots aren’t going to appeal to all men, but neither do any of Charles’ other fashions and that’s just the way he likes it. The runway display of his latest creations was intended to make a statement. As one who found himself in the spirit of the punk rocker, living in New York City’s trendiest night clubs, Jeffrey says he wanted to prove that he’s as creative as any mainstream fashion designer.
“We’re creatives and we’re reacting to the space around us,” Jeffrey said. “The definition of clubs are nights of escapism, and we wanted to validate that even further.”
In designing his men’s boots, Charles revealed that he’s looked to the genres of science fiction and fantasy, drawing upon concepts of space travel, interstellar princesses, and otherworldly fashion trends. Jeffrey developed themes for his London Fashion Week runway shows, because he wanted to do more than offer products. He wanted to used his psychedelic men’s boots as a doorway to other worlds, offering fashion show attendees a chance to escape their reality, if only for a few minutes.
The fashion designer says that escape is needed today more than ever before, considering everything going on in all parts of the world. Mr. Jeffrey points out that the media is untrustworthy and, even amid biased reporting, the public is inundated with a dismal and darkening view of modern society.
That’s where Charles’ new vision for men’s boots comes in. The colorful styles suggest taking a more positive look at the world, prompting fantasies about other worlds and intriguing new alien races.
Born in Scotland, Charles Jeffrey moved to London at the age of 18, setting a goal for himself as a new and promising fashion designer. Between clubbing and studying, Mr. Jeffrey interned with Jack Willis, participating in Christian Dior’s haute couture ateliers in Paris. Soon afterward, his original designs were discovered in time to earn him an invitation to the Spring 2016 edition of London Fashion Week.
Today, Charles Jeffrey proudly presents his own vision of fashion with psychedelic men’s boots and the promise a future that is just as colorful.

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