Choosing Hiking Socks Brand House Direct

Choosing Hiking Socks Brand House Direct

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When it comes to enjoying the beauty of nature, hiking is a great way to do so. Having the right equipment to take on that strenuous hike can make the difference between an enjoyable time and a grueling one. Socks are an important part of your equipment and we’ve decided to share with you our top tips for picking out the best hiking socks from Brand House Direct below.

When it comes to picking out hiking socks there are a few different factors that you need to consider. The first factor is the height of the sock. This is going to depend first on the height of your hiking boots. You want a sock that will cover the surface area where your boots are going to be at on your body. The most popular types of socks are no-show, ankle, crew, and knee-high. Low-cut socks are ideal for trail shoes and light hiking boots. Ankle socks provide protection of your ankle bone and work best for low to mid-cut boots. Crewcuts are great for boots that have high-cuts and can protect the rest of your skin from trail debris. The knee-high socks from Brand House Direct are going to be the most protection you can get. They cover the shins and calves to protect against boot-abrasion and keep your leg warms during those night climbs.

The next factor you need to consider with hiking socks is the amount of cushioning they provide. Realize that socks from Brand House Direct that have the least amount of cushioning are going to be the thinnest. Those with the highest amount of cushioning are going to be the thickest. Cushioning comes in four different categories at Brand House Direct which are no cushioning, light cushioning, medium cushioning, and heavy cushioning. For hot days and low-cut boots, no or light cushioning may be ideal. For long backpacking trips and moderately cold conditions, medium cushioning is your best option. Heavy cushioning should be reserved for those extremely long trips with cold temperatures as this level of cushioning will provide the trapping of necessary heat for your feet.

The next consideration you want to take into account when purchasing hiking socks from Brand House Direct is the type of material the sock is made out of. There are five main types of materials that you should be aware of. These include wool, nylon, polyester, spandex, and silk. Wool is by far the most popular type of hiking sock material as it helps to regulate the temperature of your feet and it provides a good level of cushioning for the hike. Polyester and nylon blends can work to wick away moisture and can be quite durable. Silk is comfortable and lightweight for those short trips. Spandex is utilized for its elastic nature to allow the sock to keep its shape and not bunch up on the trail.

Buying socks for hiking from Brand House Direct can be overwhelming at first. However, when you understand what you’re looking for, you can easily find the right sock for your needs. We encourage you to use all the helpful hints above to steer you in the right direction when shopping.

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