Move Through Life

Move Through Life is a non-profit, project based dance company that provides a pathway for highly skilled adult dancers to continue dancing at a challenging and exciting level. The company provides opportunities for choreographers as well as dancers, and aims to partner with practitioners of other art forms to present work that is engaging for a diverse audience.

Move Through Life’s main activities are performances and dance workshops.

Choosing The Best Womens Boots

Tips for Choosing the Best Women’s Boots Seller 

When shopping for women’s boots, you need to have more than fashion in your mind. You have to buy decent boots that will fit your feet appropriately. Additionally, the women’s boots should keep your feet in perfect shape and match with your attire. With millions of businesspersons selling women’s shoes across the world, it is difficult for customers to get the right seller. With the aid of the internet, business people are now using online platforms to sell their products, including shoes. Therefore, you can either buy shoes online or from a local store. Below are crucial tips that will guide you in choosing the best seller of women’s boots.

Get Recommendations
When shopping for womens boots you need to ask around and gather more information about sellers. Your friends and workmates will direct you to the best seller in your locality where they purchase their shoes. Additionally, you can consult your fashion designer. The designer will give you recommendations of reputable dealers of women’s shoes near you.

Do Research Online
In the modern society, with the aid of the internet, life has become easy because people can use the internet to do research and gather essential details about whatever they require. You can use your smartphone to search online sellers who deal with womens boots brand house direct If you visit an official website of a reputable store, you will get details about the shoes that you require, including the color, quality, and price. You can also communicate with the seller through the website, choose your order, make payment, and wait for the boots to be delivered to your home. Some online stores offer free delivery services to their clients to maintain a good customer base.

It is advisable to purchase your boots from a reputable dealer. Therefore, whether you are buying the boots from an online dealer or locally, you need to ensure that the store has a good track record. Reputable sellers will give you high-quality shoes and excellent customer care services to win you and safeguard their image. Additionally, buying from a well-known shop means that your hard-earned money is secure.

Consider Quality
If you want to wear your boots for long, you need to buy them from a store that sells high-quality products. You should never be blinded by cheap products that wear out quickly. Additionally, the women’s boots should match your desired design and color. They should be designed properly to fit your feet.

In conclusion, when choosing a store that deals with women’s boots, you need to check the validity of its license. Never buy your products from stores that do not respect the rule of law. Licensed stores sell high-quality products to meet the standards set by the authorities.

Motivating Clothes Brand House Direct

Motivating Clothes Brand House Direct


When it comes to working out, any little extra motivation can do wonders. The clothes you wear to the gym should make you feel confident and allow you to easily move freely to do the exercises that you need. Here are some tips to help ensure that you purchase the right workout clothes from Brand House Direct.

When someone says workout clothes, one of the first thing that comes to mind is sweatpants and sweatshirts. In reality, these two items tend to be very difficult to exercise in. Sweatpants can be extremely restrictive for outer leg movements and they tend to fall down as you are moving. Sweatshirts tend to restrict the movements of the arms and puts pressure around the neck. You should save your sweatshirts and sweatpants from Brand House Direct for lounging around the house, not working out.

You should be buying workout clothes from Brand House Direct that don’t feel like they’re there when doing physical exercise. Clothes that are too restrictive can restrict that amount of activity that you do. If you find yourself constantly picking at your current workout clothes, then it’s time for an upgrade. Pay close attention to the problem areas that you’re experiencing. Does your shirt tend to fall down as you do handstands or leg raises? You may want to invest in a tighter fitting shirt from Brand House Direct that won’t fall down with movement. Do you find the crotch of your shorts restricting your movements when squatting? Opt for shorts that don’t have a low crotch so that you can freely move.

The shoes you wear to workout are just as important as the clothes that you wear. The shoes should fit the type of activity that you’re doing. Lifting shoes are completely different than running shoes. Take some time to look at the various options that are available from Brand House Direct and pick shoes that fit the activity that you’re doing. If you lift weights three days a week and go running for your cardio on your off-days, then you need to purchase both lifting and running shoes. Don’t intermix the shoes as you’ll likely find that the wrong shoe will unnecessarily irritate your feet.

Hats are the last piece of workout material that we’re going to discuss in this short article. When you’re in the gym, you need to think about versatility. If you’re wearing a ball cap and trying to overhead press, you’re going to run into a problem. If you’re constantly doing bodyweight movements that require you to move from the floor to standing, it’s likely a hat isn’t going to freely stay on top of your head. If you find yourself constantly shoving your hat back in place, ditch it. If you enjoy the heat of a hat, you should opt for something that is conducive to your workout, such as a beanie hat that stays in place.

As you can see, there are many tips you can utilize when picking out workout clothes from Brand House Direct. The clothes that you get should be comfortable to wear and non-restrictive for any of your movements. It’s also important to note that you should feel confident in the way you look at the gym as you’ll put more effort into your workout.

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Choosing Hiking Socks Brand House Direct

Choosing Hiking Socks Brand House Direct

Charcoal/Dark Grey

When it comes to enjoying the beauty of nature, hiking is a great way to do so. Having the right equipment to take on that strenuous hike can make the difference between an enjoyable time and a grueling one. Socks are an important part of your equipment and we’ve decided to share with you our top tips for picking out the best hiking socks from Brand House Direct below.

When it comes to picking out hiking socks there are a few different factors that you need to consider. The first factor is the height of the sock. This is going to depend first on the height of your hiking boots. You want a sock that will cover the surface area where your boots are going to be at on your body. The most popular types of socks are no-show, ankle, crew, and knee-high. Low-cut socks are ideal for trail shoes and light hiking boots. Ankle socks provide protection of your ankle bone and work best for low to mid-cut boots. Crewcuts are great for boots that have high-cuts and can protect the rest of your skin from trail debris. The knee-high socks from Brand House Direct are going to be the most protection you can get. They cover the shins and calves to protect against boot-abrasion and keep your leg warms during those night climbs.

The next factor you need to consider with hiking socks is the amount of cushioning they provide. Realize that socks from Brand House Direct that have the least amount of cushioning are going to be the thinnest. Those with the highest amount of cushioning are going to be the thickest. Cushioning comes in four different categories at Brand House Direct which are no cushioning, light cushioning, medium cushioning, and heavy cushioning. For hot days and low-cut boots, no or light cushioning may be ideal. For long backpacking trips and moderately cold conditions, medium cushioning is your best option. Heavy cushioning should be reserved for those extremely long trips with cold temperatures as this level of cushioning will provide the trapping of necessary heat for your feet.

The next consideration you want to take into account when purchasing hiking socks from Brand House Direct is the type of material the sock is made out of. There are five main types of materials that you should be aware of. These include wool, nylon, polyester, spandex, and silk. Wool is by far the most popular type of hiking sock material as it helps to regulate the temperature of your feet and it provides a good level of cushioning for the hike. Polyester and nylon blends can work to wick away moisture and can be quite durable. Silk is comfortable and lightweight for those short trips. Spandex is utilized for its elastic nature to allow the sock to keep its shape and not bunch up on the trail.

Buying socks for hiking from Brand House Direct can be overwhelming at first. However, when you understand what you’re looking for, you can easily find the right sock for your needs. We encourage you to use all the helpful hints above to steer you in the right direction when shopping.

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Joy of Ladies Shoes

What Ladies Shoes Can Do for You

There are many people on this planet who fully understand the joy of ladies shoes. Ladies shoes can make you feel like you’re an unstoppable force. They can make you feel like you’re able to seize the day. Ladies shoes can even make you feel like the best is yet to come. There’s honestly no denying the strength ladies shoes offer! If you could benefit from a significant pick-me-up, it may be the right time to put all of your attention onto ladies shoes. Ladies shoes can make amazing finishing touches to all kinds of outfits. Womens Shoes can give you a little skip in your step, too. If you want to walk around looking like you have a wonderful little secret that no one else needs to know, terrific shoes are your finest bet.

Planet Shoes Sheena Womens Leather Comfort Casuals

Shoes can make ladies feel happy for an abundance of reasons. If you’re not feeling too great about your physique after a long weekend of neglecting your gym sessions and eating too much junk food, shoes can brighten your outlook. They won’t let you down regardless of how you feel about your figure at the moment. Your favorite pair of jeans may feel a little snug. Your trusty high heels, however, will never abandon you even for a second.

Going shopping for shoes can be extremely soothing, to say the least. It’s a form of retail therapy that has countless admirers all around the globe. Women of all ages enjoy shopping for footwear. Women from all different walks of life love it, too. Women who work as advertising and public relations executives are often fond of shopping for shoes. Women who work in the culinary world are often fond of the beloved activity as well.

Styles for shoes are always changing. They’re always improving. These improvements aren’t restricted to the style world, either. Shoe comfort is always getting better and better. Shoe fits are a nice work in progress as well. Shoes of decades past used to give people lots of blisters. They used to make walking for hours on end feel difficult, too. Modern shoes, however, are a whole other concept. There are so many contemporary shoe options that are appropriate for activities of all kinds. There are modern shoes that can be excellent for people who do a lot of sitting. There are shoes that can be excellent for those who move nonstop. If you’re a mother who is always running after rambunctious and lively toddlers, there are shoes that can make your life a lot easier. If you’re an advertising professional who is always running around and going to meetings, there are shoes that can simplify things for you.

Shopping for shoes can be a sight for sore eyes. It can be joyous to look at all of the innovative new footwear styles out there. If you like elegant and feminine shoes, there are many choices for you. If you like basic and simplistic shoes, there are also many choices for you.

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Fashion With Men’s Boots

Charles Jeffrey Debuts A Love For Psychedelic Fashion With Men’s Boots

Fledgling fashion designer Charles Jeffrey made an impression at the 2017 edition of London Fashion Week, when he sent his male models down the runway in his new creations. The models’ feet were the ficus of this particular runway show, because they were modeling Jeffrey’s psychedelic men’s boots.
This was the first time Charles Jeffrey presented his own solo runway show, so making a lasting impression was important and he succeeded in doing so with men’s boots that grabbed attention with chaotic splashes of color. The fashion designer mainly used blues, reds, and whites for the lace-up boots, showing a patriotic streak in his designs. Jeffrey’s boots also incorporated a generous helping of yellow/gold in the melding of colors, ensuring the men’s boots would become the center of attention, even amid the brightly colored striped socks, also worn by the London Fashion Week models.
For a more conservative look, Charles Jeffrey’s designs offered solid colors of red or blue on the same style of lace-up boots with vibrant white laces.
The collection of Mens Boots aren’t going to appeal to all men, but neither do any of Charles’ other fashions and that’s just the way he likes it. The runway display of his latest creations was intended to make a statement. As one who found himself in the spirit of the punk rocker, living in New York City’s trendiest night clubs, Jeffrey says he wanted to prove that he’s as creative as any mainstream fashion designer.
“We’re creatives and we’re reacting to the space around us,” Jeffrey said. “The definition of clubs are nights of escapism, and we wanted to validate that even further.”
In designing his men’s boots, Charles revealed that he’s looked to the genres of science fiction and fantasy, drawing upon concepts of space travel, interstellar princesses, and otherworldly fashion trends. Jeffrey developed themes for his London Fashion Week runway shows, because he wanted to do more than offer products. He wanted to used his psychedelic men’s boots as a doorway to other worlds, offering fashion show attendees a chance to escape their reality, if only for a few minutes.
The fashion designer says that escape is needed today more than ever before, considering everything going on in all parts of the world. Mr. Jeffrey points out that the media is untrustworthy and, even amid biased reporting, the public is inundated with a dismal and darkening view of modern society.
That’s where Charles’ new vision for men’s boots comes in. The colorful styles suggest taking a more positive look at the world, prompting fantasies about other worlds and intriguing new alien races.
Born in Scotland, Charles Jeffrey moved to London at the age of 18, setting a goal for himself as a new and promising fashion designer. Between clubbing and studying, Mr. Jeffrey interned with Jack Willis, participating in Christian Dior’s haute couture ateliers in Paris. Soon afterward, his original designs were discovered in time to earn him an invitation to the Spring 2016 edition of London Fashion Week.
Today, Charles Jeffrey proudly presents his own vision of fashion with psychedelic men’s boots and the promise a future that is just as colorful.

Styles Of Comfortable Shoes

How To Find Different Styles Of Comfortable Shoes

No one likes to walk around in shoes that aren’t comfortable. It can be a miserable feeling that can ruin any occasion. A lot of people will make the mistake of choosing style over comfort when it comes to buying and wearing shoes. You don’t have to sacrifice your comfort for style if you know how to properly buy some comfortable shoes at the store or online. There are many things to look for in comfortable shoes. This is true no matter if you are buying sneakers, sandals or anything in between.

Tips For Buying Comfortable Shoes In A Pump

If need a good work pump to wear to work but don’t want to sacrifice wearing comfortable shoes, then you need to find a pump that is flexible. Hold the pump at the toe and heel and then flex them towards each other. There should be a bend in the front of the arch. If there is no bend, the shoe is not flexible enough to move with your feet as you walk. Another thing to look for in a pump is a false toe area. If you are looking to buy a pump with a pointy toe, then they need to be longer than your feet. If your feet fit the shoe to the point where your toes are squished, you will end up having toe pain and foot problems that could turn serious.

Tips For Buying Comfortable Shoes In A Flat

The most important feature to look for in Brand House Direct comfortable shoes for flats is a sturdy construction. When trying out a flat, you should push the area around the heel. If you push the area around the heel and it collapses to the point where the sides touch the insole, then the shoe will not give you proper support. Another test to try is the twist method. Hold both ends of the flat and try to twist it. There should be a slight resistance when twisting side to side. If it twists too easily, then there won’t be enough support for your feet and eventually they won’t be a pair of comfortable shoes anymore.

Tips For Buying Comfortable Shoes In Sandals

When looking for comfortable shoes in sandals, you will want to avoid shoes that are wobbly or don’t stay on your feet. A well-built sandal will be able to balance on its own and look very stable when sitting on the ground. Stack heels with broad bases offer the best support for sandals and allows for more shock absorption when walking. Unless going to the beach or spending time outside for small time frames, it is best to stay away from backless sandals. They don’t offer enough support for long periods of wear. Too much time in backless sandals can lead to pain in the balls of your feet and are dangerous for tripping. A good sandal for comfort will have a strap around your ankle to help stabilize your feet and hold them securely in place while you are walking.

Guide to Women’s High Heels

The Ultimate Guide to Women’s High Heels

The majority of women love their heels so much that they would buy a pair they can barely walk in so that they can sit pretty in them. The good news is that when you do your homework well before going shopping, it is possible to strike a balance between style and comfort when shopping for High Heels. Below are the basics you need to know about the types of heels.
The pumps
These Brand House Direct High Heels are ideal for wearing to the office or other formal events. Pumps are usually closed, except a few peep toe designs, and they have a moderately high stiletto. Pumps will add a good two to three inches to your height but are not intended for long hours. The office environment, particularly when you sit for the larger part of your day is the ideal place to wear pumps.
Kitten heels
These resemble pumps, but the heel in them is less than two inches. You wear kitten heels when you need some extra height, but are also likely to be on your feet for an extended period. Kitten high heels strike a balance between looking formal and fashionable.
These are the tallest of the three types of heels. They normally have a heel that can reach up to 8 inches. These are more of the red carpet or sit pretty heels. They are not recommended to wear if you will be on your feet for extended periods of time. The newest generation of stilettos has a platform inside to minimize the effect that the heel would otherwise have on the foot of the wearer. Look for stiletto high heels with a platform and preferably a platform heel.
Ankle strap heels
These high heels are usually as high as the stilettos. They can be either closed or open or sandal-like, but they have that common denominator of a strap around the ankle. The strap makes the high heels more secure and comfortable to walk in,
Wedges come in two forms, the wedge high heels and wedge sandals. A wedge heel looks just like the standard pump with the only difference being the lack of separation between the heel and the rest of the shoes’ sole. The wedge sandal, on the other hand, has an open and shoe like upper with the sole being raised like the wedge heels.
Platform High Heels
These are more comfortable than the regular stilettos due to the part of the heel found under the inner sole being thicker than that of the stilettos. If you need the glamor and height of a high heel but will be on your feet for a while, go for the platform heel.
Other types of high heels include peep toes, high heeled boots, sling back heels, cork high heels and ankle booties. You should have at least one pair of each of the above heel types in your wardrobe as they pair differently with different skirt, dress and trouser lengths, cuts, and styles.